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Building Responsive UIs in Flutter: A Short Guide

Dario Digregorio
6 min readNov 15, 2023

I’ve released a detailed follow-up guide which goes into much more details:

Flutter has become a go-to framework for developing cross-platform apps, but the real challenge lies in making these apps responsive across a variety of devices. This article is all about navigating the world of Flutter to ensure your app looks and works great, whether on mobile, desktop, or web.

Side Note: This guide sticks to the basics of Flutter for responsiveness, avoiding additional packages.

The Tools I’m Using: For this, I’m working with Dart 3.1.3, Flutter 3.13.9 and optional Riverpod 2.4.5.

Setting Up and Key Insights

Testing your layouts on different devices and platforms is crucial. Choose a development environment that allows easy resizing. Each platform has its nuances, so let’s explore them:

Understanding Platform and Device Differences

  • Windows/MacOS/Web: These are the easiest for development. They offer flexible window resizing and support HotReload. However, Flutter Web doesn’t support HotReload. Also, MediaQuery.orientationOf() here is based on window size, not device…



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